Site Optimization and Basic SEO


This week we learned about site optimixation and Basic SEO.

Here are some useful ideas to have into account when improving the landing page of our site (the page that it will show in the Ad):

1. Feature in the site what is promised in the Ad.

2. Make navigation easy, so that people can find quckly what they are looking for.

3. Include a call to action, this lets the potential customers know what they should do next.

4. Offer relevant, useful and original content.

5. Promote transparency and foster trustworthiness on your site: Openly share nformation about your business and clearly state what your business does. Explain your products or services before asking visitors to fill out forms. Make it easy for visitors to find your contact information.

6. Be fast—decrease your landing page loading time

7. Make your site mobile-friendly

There are several resources from Google that you can use to improve your landing page, you can find some of them here:

Basic SEO

Some of the things that you can do to start your SEO campaign are:

1. Include images that have the alt text and title.

2. Rename the pictures with embedded keywords to help the SEO

3. Make your site user friendly.

4. Bakclinks: Have your site linked in other’s sites, and if they are well known sites even better.

5. Use your keywords in your site and as much as possible.

6. Make good use of social media to promote your content and services.

For more information on this subject:



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