Ads and Ad Groups

This week we learned an important part of business: the right way of advertising our product/service online. Part of the lesson consisted on learning how to create an Text Ad and the other part on how to organize our account so our Ads are more effective.

Tips to Create a Successful Ad

  1. Highlight what makes you unique
  2. Include prices promotions and  exclusives
  3. Empower customers to take action
  4. Include at least one of your keywords
  5. Match your ad to your landing page
  6. Appeal to customers on mobile
  7. Experiment: Create three to four ads for each ad group, and use different messages for each to see which does the best. AdWords rotates ads automatically to show the best-performing ads more often. Learn more about ad rotation.
  8. Check for common ad text mistakes: (In order to make sure all AdWords ads are high quality, every ad must meet high professional and editorial standards. That means no extra spaces, sTrAnGe CAPITALIZATION, or unclear URLs, to name a few.
    The following information only applies to standard text ads. To learn more about expanded text ads and get tips on how to write them, visit our guide)

Account Organization

The best way to keep your account organized is to create Ad Groups. Which basically means to put each keyword related to the same product/service in the same group. This way you can have as many groups as you need and re invest the money in them as you think best.

I think this is a great way to keep a control over your money, a clear perspective on what is going on in your business, and the changes you need to make to increase your sales.

Here is more information about what type of Ads are allowed and how to make your Text Ad the best:






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