Creating AdWords Campaign and Learning about Keywords

This week we learned how to create an Adwords campaign. The official site has great information about how to set up the account, and learning about creating a campaign, some important question that you should ask yourself are:

  • Which locations will you advertise your product in?
  • What devices will you include?
  • Automatic bidding or manual bidding?
  • What is your daily budget for your campaign?

When it comes to the keywords you need to use is important that you follow this basic steps:

  1. Think like a customer
  2. Select specific keywords to target specific clients
  3. Select general keywords to reach more people (but not too many, otherwise you’ll get a lot of traffic but no clients)
  4. Group similar words into ad groups
  5. Pick the right number of keywords (2-3)
  6. Choose keywords that relate to the websites or apps your customers see.

I think these steps are very helpful to determine whether a word is good or not. Another excellent tip is to use negative keywords (words that let you exclude search terms from your campaigns).

Here is a video that explains everything perfectly:



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